Sequencing Fundamentals & Guidelines

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Questions Answered Here

  1. What is involved in sequencing yoga poses?
  2. Name five aspects of an asana that are utilized in effective sequencing.
  3. Describe how sequencing takes into account the relationship between poses.
  4. What is the fundamental step in sequencing?
  5. What questions can you ask yourself to lead you to setting a class objective?
  6. Name five general categories of class objectives.
  7. Describe a basic principle of sequencing related to complexity of poses.
  8. A sequencing principle relates to moving from simple to complex poses and from gross to subtle. How can teachers guide students’ attention in a way that is consistent with this sequencing principle?
  9. How does the Desikachar lineage sequence dynamic and static poses?
  10. What are the priorities when moving through the arc of a class?
  11. What is a caution related to artistic sequencing?

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