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  • Strategic, seasonal teaching plans delivered weekly
  • Deep, organized support for asana, sequences, adjustments, themes, philosophy, pranayama & more
  • Numerous expert sources & diverse styles — all in one place

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  • Immediate access to a storehouse of teaching tools. Hundreds of expert sources. Diverse styles.
  • Timely, seasonal class plans (for both Northern & Southern Hemispheres) delivered to your inbox every week.
  • Teacher Trainer Package offers affordable Trainer Manual contents and more.
  • Teachings summarized & organized meticulously so you can find what you're looking for—and more. Links to hundreds of resources for verification and further study.
  • Very deep asana coverage. Dozens of alignment teachings and verbal cues for each pose. Inspirational quotes, readings, teachings. Sequences. Clear photos of beginner and expert variations. Photos & instructions for hands-on adjustments. Thorough listing of benefits, contraindications, therapeutic uses.
  • Member Tool Categories: Anatomy, Art of Teaching, Ayurveda, Bandhas, Business of Teaching, Drishti, Injuries & Conditions, Mantras & Chants, Meditation, Music, Yoga Philosophy (Key Concepts, Chakras, Koshas, Kriya Yoga, Yoga Sutra Translations, 8 Limbs), Pranayama & The Breath, Sanskrit, Sequencing, Themes & Readings (including Affirmations, Poetry and Quotes)

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  • Resource List: Comprehensive and organized lists of books, articles & websites, especially for yoga teachers

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New member tools are added every week. See What's New for a complete list. Here are some of the latest additions and updates:


Helps Me Deepen My Knowledge

The site is wonderful and incredibly supportive to me as a teacher. As a member, I wanted to tell you that your site just keeps getting better and better. As a teacher, I have long hoped for a site that would bring all pertinent info together in one place to deepen knowledge. I go on the site in between classes and use my iphone. Thank you so much. – Susanne Wagner, Yoga Therapist & Teacher, Toronto Canada

Impressed by the Magnitude

I have recommended your website to many teachers and students. I get lost in it every day and often have to put myself on a time limit when I visit the site or I miss appointments. :) I am continuously impressed by the magnitude and the valuable content. – Kate Graham, Sunshine Beach, Australia


 Hands Down Best Resource

Yoga Teacher Central is hands down the best resource I have found on the net! – Madi Simmons (one of our Trainer Package Members), Paradise Yoga



Recommended in Teaching Handbook

Wow! This is a wonderful resource. We are including it in our teaching handbook. It's so important for yoga teachers to meet students where they are in order for yoga to be accessible to everyone. This website is full of wonderful modifications and adjustments, along with photos to help new teachers work effectively with all students. Thank you for putting such a wealth of information in one user-friendly place. – Stephanie Toby, Yoga Teacher for Trauma-Sensitive & General Populations, Director of Seattle Programs, Street Yoga

Use the Site for Every Class Preparation

I use the site for every class preparation. I absolutely love it. Thank you. I use the sample sequences to form a class. I either look at the seasonal guide or the pose guide depending upon how I decide to structure the class. I don't take the sequence verbatim for my plan but they help me with ideas. I love the explanations for sequences during the change of seasons, moons, etc. I like to bring that richness into the class. This is a terrific resource for me. Many thanks.  – Andrea Sanft

More Testimonials

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