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I’m Shelly Thorn, the founder of Yoga Teacher Central. It’s a pleasure to meet yoga teachers and trainers. The service you provide is so powerful, reaching people in a way that activates positive transformation, “one breath at a time.” I believe in this power with my whole heart, and it’s my honor to support you. (Learn more about me and my background here. And the 2-minute audio messages touch on my role.)

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Be the finest teacher you can be.

Save time. Systematically explore. Stay inspired.

We’re inspired to make expert yoga teachings accessible and practical. We help you spend less time growing your teaching toolkit and more time personalizing classes and connecting with students.

Here’s a question to consider. When you leave an inspirational training, what happens over the next six months? I’m sure you feel committed to incorporating what you learned into your practice and teaching. and eventually, some of the key teachings tend to make their way into your teaching. But it can be surprisingly hard to piece everything together in a cohesive way, don’t you think?

Yoga Teacher Central lessens those types of challenges by offering progressive paths of learning and making quality information and tools more accessible. The site houses tremendous volumes of information and offers it in a clean and organized format. We’ve consulted hundreds of expert sources from diverse styles and lineages.

But we don’t just dump a bunch of date onto our site. On the contrary, everything we’ve gathered has gone through a strict organizational and editing process so that it’s clear and useful to teachers. And it’s all easily accessible in an uncluttered, graceful navigation.

Most yoga websites are targeted to students and often the same information is recycled time and again to summarize key points of traditional poses. Web sites that speak to teachers often provide cursory “tips” or blog posts.

But teachers need more to keep adapting, growing and being inspired. Now you have a reliable resource you can access anytime.

Join a thriving teaching community.

Yoga Teacher Central was born in 2012, and quickly became known among teachers around the world. In early 2017, we have over 13,000 teachers subscribed to our newsletter, more than 16,000 that follow us on Facebook; more than 2,500 teachers and trainers that have joined as paying members; and about 10,000 who access the site every month.

The vision is becoming a reality. With this site, it’s taking less time for new teachers to effectively act on the spark of their passion. They can be more confident in passing on their gifts and therefore have a greater impact. Armed with reliable, applicable information, they are able to get out the gate faster, equipped  to design and teach excellent classes.

And with the depth and breadth of tools provided here, experienced teachers get the support and inspiration they need to stay motivated, deepen their teaching and quickly find what they’re looking for.

With a reliable support tool, all teachers can naturally be more powerful. They’re lighting fires of transformation in more places, with more people.

That lights my own fire of passion and motivates me on so many levels. I’m driven everyday to keep bringing teachers the support and inspiration they need.

Assists, Partner Poses, Variations, Props

Mudras, Bandhas & Drishti

Breathing Practices & Pranayama

Meditation, Philosophy & More

Support for Continuous Growth

While this website doesn’t replace the need for a quality teacher training program, assistantship and loads of practice, it does give you round-the-clock access to a professional resource for continued learning and growing.

When you’re looking for something specific, you don’t have to search multiple books, go on wild web site goose chases, or flip through unorganized notes from workshops and trainings.

The compiling, categorizing and summarizing have been done for you. Now you can efficiently leverage what’s already been discovered, leaving you more energy for your own creativity.

Quick & Clear Teachings

When you want to adapt or adjust a pose, quickly viewing photos is far more efficient than finding the appropriate place in a video or book. Here you can quickly review a dozen or more photos for a single pose. Here you can peruse a whole range of variations for beginners, special conditions and advanced challenges. Choose from variations with no props or those using bolsters, blankets and straps to highlight actions of a pose.

We constantly think of how to make your preparation quick and straight-forward One example: how we summarize verbal cues. We scour dozens of sources to gather up long lists of ideas. Then we cull the cues down to their essence and organize them by focus area. We make it easy to quickly peruse options for new ways to verbalize teachings.

Save Time, Share Your Uniqueness

With this information now so easily accessible, you can target specific aspects of your teaching you’d like to expand or change up before each class. Whether you’d like more options for various experience levels, fresh languaging to guide students deeper into a pose, or more awareness of contraindications, you can find what you need quickly.

Now you can spend less time growing your teaching toolkit and more time and energy personalizing your teaching.

Tap Your Passion, Make a Difference

Stop spending your precious time reinventing the wheel, or wading through off-the-mark information. Now you have a way to streamline the way you expand your teaching repertoire and track down information to help your students. We invite you to leverage the learning of an industry and free up energy for working more closely and creatively with students.

By making access to information less competitive and more immediate, we offer a new generation of yoga teachers an opportunity to raise the bar and evolve the industry and service of yoga. Our goal is to ease your research and planning to keep you growing and inspired, and more free to focus on your personal expertise and passions.


The Yoga Teacher Central team is a small and talented group of outsourced experts in yoga teaching and adjustments, web development, design, photography and other expertise. I love working with smart and passionate people on tangible, beautiful and useful creations and I recommend all of the people I’ve worked with.

Char Davidson

Back in 2011, Char designed the sweet logo and branding and it has aged beautifully.

Cami Maston

Cami spent hours and hours over many years taking and editing photos. Back in 2011, when we held our first photo shoot, her patience and skill allowed us to deliver well-aligned images of adjustments and variations at a time when they simply weren’t available.

Britnie O’Farrell, Laura Hand, Claudette Evans, Dawn Jansen, Jay Holby, Matt Nadler, Melinda Fisher, Laura Humpf, Teresa Wang and Gita Mehrotra

These kind and excellent yogis were fun and professional on set, performing beautifully as yoga models. Additionally, Dawn and Teresa provided immeasurable help in directing and aligning models during photo shoots.

Anej Mehadzic

Anej strategically planned the user experience – a very challenging task due to the volume of content – and designed the beautiful and clean look-and-feel of our new site that launched in 2017.

Yoga Teacher Central is a labor of love, one I hope can support other teachers as they give their hearts and souls to share, inspire, and support others in their personal transformation.


Why should I pay for membership? The web is full of information on yoga.

Yes, it sure is! Yoga is a hot topic and it seems to be everywhere! Yoga teachers and trainers, however, need much more than superficial coverage, opinions and "tips." Since 2012, we have been catering to the particular needs of teachers and trainers.

How does your pricing compare to similar yoga sites?

Our site is different from other sites so we can't really compare. We provide tools that help teachers save time, plan excellent classes that meet their objectives, and systematically explore deep teaching wisdom. And we offer an unparalleled library of training materials for Teacher Trainers.

What lineage or style do you draw from?

We curate content from all yoga lineages. We draw from the best of all styles.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Get the best rate by paying up-front, or choose a monthly pay option, if you prefer.

How can I be sure it will actually help me?

Write us with any question at all. We love to hear from teachers and trainers and are happy to personally support you. If after three days of purchasing a membership, you aren't completely satisfied, let us know how it fell short. We'll refund 100% of your payment.

Do I need to renew my membership?

You may choose to have your membership auto-renew or auto-cancel, as you wish.

I want to make a living teaching yoga. Can I do that?

How your life evolves as you begin to teach yoga is sometimes a flowering more than a linear path. : ) But one thing is clear: excellent teachers are always evolving. If you're committed to teaching, we can provide the inspiring and practical support you need for continuous growth.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Take three days to check things out. If you aren’t fully satisfied, we will refund 100% of your payment.


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