Class Planning: Studio & Class Logistics Checklist + Student Feedback Form

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Questions Answered Here

  1. What are two benefits associated with starting and ending class on time?
  2. What are two activities to plan time for after class?
  3. What is something to watch out for after class is over?
  4. If you are just beginning to teach classes of varying lengths, what might help you to adapt a class to different lengths?
  5. What’s a quick tip that you can do throughout class to avoid “getting behind?”
  6. Before class starts, what will be helpful to know about available wall space? About props? About lighting?
  7. What other logistical considerations can be helpful to note prior to class starting?
  8. What are some considerations if your class is in the morning? At lunchtime? In the evening? On the weekend?
  9. Why might you occasionally re-read the class description presented to students in studio materials?
  10. Name three different ways you might obtain student feedback on your teaching.
  11. What might help encourage more participation in your request for feedback?
  12. What are some potential questions to include in a student feedback form?

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