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Trainer members have access to the Trainer Download Library featuring hundreds of lessons, assessments, lecture presentations, curriculums and workbooks. See more below.

Pre-Certification Study Program

Provides 150-page Knowledge Standards Lesson Guide that you can consult for years to come, plus YTC Enrolled Teacher artwork that you may display (for life; no expiration). Plus, you have 10 days of online access and 5 downloadable lessons. (If you are also a member, you don't need to adhere to the 10 day limit and have until your expire date to download the 5 lessons.)


Don't hesitate to reach out. We're happy to help. Write us at support@YogaTeacherCentral.com.


Trainer Members have access to the online site plus the extensive Trainer Download Library.

  • You get 240 “credits” and one year to choose and download your material.
  • Your credits provide you with more material than you could use even in an elite-level training.
  • You can choose hundreds of items and thousands of pages (if you choose to download that much).

You may customize, distribute and display your status.

  • The content is extremely high-quality and everything may be customized and branded as desired.
  • Trainer Membership also includes the rights to distribute the material to your students.
  • Plus, you’re provided Authorized Trainer artwork that you may display; learn more HERE.

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Alfhildur Gudlaugsdottir

Makes Trainers’ Lives Easier

We are planning an advanced training. We truly appreciate Yoga Teacher Central – you make our lives so much easier.

Om Setrid, Njardvik, Iceland


Shelley D’Amico

I've Been Teaching 7 Years. Everyday I Learn Something New.

While my original intention was to access resources to prepare for a YTT, I have been using your site daily for self study and to level up my own knowledge/teaching. I’ve (only) been teaching for 7 years and even though it’s something I do everyday, the more I learn, the more I realize just how little I know.

Everyday, I learn something new and it makes me feel more confident teaching my classes safely. I just keep going further and further down the rabbit hole! I really appreciate you and the invaluable resources you’ve made accessible to me and the yoga community at large.  I am already a better teacher for it.  Thank you.

Namaskar Yoga Studio, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

Rosalie Allan

What You Offer is Brilliant!

I am so happy to advise that today we completed our first Yoga Teachers Training and believe that some of our students will certainly be joining you soon.  After putting this together with your lessons, I feel so proud of the outcomes of our students. What you offer is brilliant and I hope your numbers just keep growing not only for the tremendous outcomes of teachers at the other end but for all your efforts and ongoing updates. Thank you.

Zen Buddhist & Yoga Retreat, Queensland, Australia

Janice Procter

Wide Range of Content, Knowledge and Inspiration

I just wanted to express how fabulous all of your resources are! There’s such a wide range of content, knowledge and inspiration – I really find it so helpful and if I need to know something you are my ‘go-to’ resource.

I really love the self assessments – great in helping identify gaps and inspire the direction for my development, and the anatomy course you’ve referred to is a really well structured resource. Thanks for all that you do – it’s very much appreciated.

Radiance Yoga, Cambridgeshire, UK

Sanaa Jaman, PhD.

Appreciate the Value of the Training Manual

I have a manual for my 200hr YTT and wanted to add more information and structure it differently, but I was getting overwhelmed with the project. I found your website and was so surprised at the amount of information and knowledge that it made me smile so hard and it is absolutely worth the $1200 I paid. The amount of work and research your team has put into this base is amazing and needed so THANK YOU for making my life easier. What would’ve taken me so long to put together, now I feel confident I can put together in a week. What also makes it so good is that you have also allowed me to edit, reprint and distribute without the hassle of copyright issues. This to me is priceless! So sincerely thank you and I am glad I invested in your products!

Tru3 Yoga, Kuwait

Patricia Borelli

Everything Right There In One Place

Thanks for all the great effort you and your team puts into your website, making it the number 1 source of learning and inspiration. I absolutely love your website ! I can’t remember how I used to teach a yoga class without it? Everything I want to know is right there all in one place. Thank you so much for all you and your team do to keep it up to date. Keep up the good work. Namasté.

Davenport School of Yoga, Davenport, Iowa, USA

Lynn Andrews, Therapeutic Yoga

Best Website for Yoga Teachers

Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this amazing site. This is the best website of resources and tools for yoga teachers ever! What a great idea and an absolutely fantastic resource. Thank you.

Renewed Yoga, Colorado, USA

Mandy Eubanks, Founder, Everyone Yoga School

Training Manual Contents

I’m using your Training Manual content for my yoga school’s manual. So grateful for this service.

Everyone Yoga School, Oklahoma, USA

Ann MacMullan

Huge Support to My Yoga Teaching

Your newsletters are very helpful, and I have begun to dive into all the great info that’s very well-organized on the site.  It is a huge support to my yoga teaching. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Tina Ardolino, Studio Owner, Hapa Yoga

Thorough Content, Easy Usability

I absolutely love your site; there is so much information. We are working on our student guide for our 200 hour teacher training program and I have suggested our students sign up for your membership to get amazing sequences, alignment or variations, videos, materials for workshops and much much more. I started using the site for the Ayurveda content. It is so amazing and thorough. The usability is so easy and perfect.

Hapa Yoga, California, USA

Kittie Messman

My Go-To for Class Planning

I’ve been teaching for 5 years and found YTC when I began teaching.  It helped me so much in varying my classes and in finding resources.  Today, it remains my go-to for class planning; I especially like the seasonal and moon themes and use them often throughout the year.  YTC is absolutely invaluable for yoga teachers.

Alignment-Oriented & Specialty Yoga, Virginia, USA

Susan Yorke

Dazzled by Really Helpful Information

I think your website and all the information available is brilliant! I love that you include what is relevant for northern and southern hemispheres. I continue to be dazzled by the amount of really helpful information on your site.

Susan Yorke, New Zealand

Michele Lefevre

Invaluable for Teachers and Trainers

Yoga Teacher Central is an invaluable wealth of information for yoga teachers and trainers. Here in France, we are using your Training Manual PDFs for our teacher training manuals. The pictures of asanas are helpful for our slide presentations and the students love them. I appreciate working with such a good website. This is a tremendous help. Many thanks to the dedicated team of Yoga Teacher Central.

Yogamrita Blog, Teacher Trainer, France

Lisa Hammond

Wonderful Concentrated Area of Information

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your website!  The timing of your weekly emails is perfect and the content on your site resonates very strongly with me. I continue to use your website for my weekly teachings – it’s just such a wonderful concentrated area of information and so, so inspiring!

Soaring Hearts Yoga, Fillmore, California, USA

Carole Giuliani

Saves Me Valuable Time in Writing Lessons & Sequencing

I just became a RYT200 and am finding that writing my lessons and trying to sequence properly is my biggest challenge. That is why your website has been so amazing. I find it so helpful! It seemed like we just touched upon sequencing and class planning right before graduation, but it just scratched the surface. I truly am grateful for this tool. It has so much information that I can use to create lessons and learn more about my practice… while saving me valuable time trying to find it on my own, like I was doing before I discovered your site! Thanks again.

Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

Lo Brown

Have Been Using YTC Everyday

Just wanted to thank you for this incredible resource. I really appreciate all the information. I love the theming / holidays, description links, and weekly yoga plans. I am very excited to use this. Thanks for your service. I had a great interview with a studio owner and she just offered me two classes on Saturday! I have been researching YTC everyday and it has been more than helpful.  Now, I’m really excited to put it to good use since I will be teaching regularly on the weekends. Thanks! It’s such a great resource.

Radha Yoga, Los Angeles, California, USA

Linda Spencer

Tremendous Source of Teaching Knowledge

Yoga Teacher Central has been a tremendous source of yoga teaching knowledge. Joining was an excellent decision for me. I appreciate all your hard work to provide such excellent teaching support.

Susanne Wagner

Incredibly Supportive

The site is wonderful and incredibly supportive to me as a teacher. As a member, I wanted to tell you that your site just keeps getting better and better. I have long hoped for a site that would bring all pertinent info together in one place to deepen knowledge. I go on the site in between classes and use my iphone. Thanks again for all you do. The site is such a valued source of information!

Yoga Therapy, Toronto, Canada

Barbara Renfro

Love the Site & Really Depend On It

It is an awesome site… great work! I love the site and really depend on it for a lot of info and ideas.

Suzan Bauer, EYRT 200

Constantly Adding Information That is Easy to Navigate

I love this resource. I love how you are constantly adding information in a way that is easy to navigate. The beauty of your site is that I can access almost any topic easily.

Danielle Hulahan

Love the Site

I love the site and will pass it on to all teacher professionals.

Ari Bean

Clarity and Depth is Amazing

I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon your site. I’ve gained a lot of confidence and had so much inspiration from these pages. I found talking points for lectures on topics such as teaching language, ethics, and yamas and niyamas, and beautiful insights sprinkled across the web pages. The amount of information and the clarity and depth is amazing. What a beautiful thing you’ve offered! The yoga teacher trainings I led in Bali were seamless and flowed brilliantly, and I have you to thank for creating this site, helping me brush up on some topics and discover new ideas to incorporate into the 2.5 hour morning flows.

Ari Yoga Therapy

Vivian Woolley

Sound Teaching Advice & Reference Material

I love your website and access it whenever I need sound teaching advice or reference material for creating my own sequences.

Awake Yoga, Kentucky, USA

Sandi McKenna

A Great Resource on Many Occasions

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful advice! You have given me all the tools for taking my teaching to the next level and I now have the confidence to do so. You have been a great resource on many occasions. I feel your content and layout have been the most helpful to me in my own practice as well as my teaching. With deepest gratitude.

Yoga Alliance, Sonoma, California, USA

Everett Newell, Founder, Zuna Yoga

A Tremendous Help

I am enjoying the content. Even after many years of teaching, it’s a tremendous help to have someone else consolidate many good notes and appropriate images, and it is done tastefully. Thanks.

[Everett was co-founder of Divine Motion Yoga® Los Angeles (2001- 2009) which was three times voted “Best Los Angeles Yoga Studio.” Everett is currently devoting his efforts to his own synthesis of yoga known as Zuna Yoga®, which he shares through workshops, trainings and retreats internationally.]

Zuna Yoga, Bali, Indonesia


Why should I pay for membership? The web is full of information on yoga.

Yes, it sure is! Yoga is a hot topic and it seems to be everywhere. Yoga teachers and trainers, however, need much more than superficial coverage, opinions and "tips." Since 2012, we have been focused on the particular, specialized needs of teachers and trainers.

How does your pricing compare to similar yoga sites?

Our site is different from other sites so we can't really compare. We provide tools that help teachers save time, plan excellent classes that meet their objectives, and systematically explore deep teaching wisdom. And we offer an unparalleled library of training materials for Teacher Trainers.

What lineage or style do you draw from?

We draw from all styles and curate content from all yoga lineages.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Get the best rate by paying up-front, or choose a monthly pay option, if you prefer.

How can I be sure it will actually help me?

Write us with any question at all. We love to hear from teachers and trainers and are happy to personally support you.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Trainer memberships automatically cancel after one year. Teachers, however, can select auto-renew or auto-cancelation. If you choose to auto-renew, we will refund 20% of your renewal payment.

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