Insurance Providers for Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers


Reports to date indicate that no insurance providers require Yoga Alliance registration. If any of them do, please let us know and we’ll call them out here.

Insurance Provider Contacts*

Over time, we’ve added insurance providers to this list as we’ve come across them. Please write us if you know of others.

  1. beYogi — Insurance for Yoga Teachers ($20 of every policy is donated to Give Back Yoga)  link
  2. Express Insurance – Yoga Instructors Insurance  link
  3. IDEA Health & Fitness Association — Yoga Insurance  link
  4. NAMASTA – Liability Insurance for Yoga  link
  5. National Association of Complementary & Alternative Medicines — Yoga Teachers Liability Insurance  link
  6. Philadelphia Insurance Companies — Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance  link
  7. Yoga Journal —Liability Insurance  link

*We received this email on February 5, 2021:

I started my research with the first choice BeYogi.  After days of research they had the best price available for insurance on all my businesses and the BEST customer service.  Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

We receive no compensation of any sort from insurance providers or any other organizations. We simply want to support teachers and trainers in having more time and being more prepared to do their best work, and so we share what we learn.

Accessible Yoga School

An email on Feb 24, 2023 from support@accessibleyogaschool.com announced: Save $30 on Yoga Teaching Insurance. Special offer for AYS students from our partner, beYogi.”

The email provided this link on the BeYogi website which, at the time of this writing, quoted $149/year in contrast to $179.

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