Insurance Providers for Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers


Reports to date indicate that no insurance providers require Yoga Alliance registration. If any of them do, please let us know and we’ll call them out here.

Discussion Summary

This resource section offers factual, verifiable information on Yoga Alliance registry and alternatives. Select from these subjects:

    1. Registration, Certification, Accreditation — Yoga Alliance Misperceptions & Why You Don’t Need to Pay the Yoga Alliance Fees
    2. Who is Responsible for Teaching Competency Standards? — What Standards Must Be Met? + Widely Recognized & Influential Teachers Not Registered with YA
    3. Yoga Alliance Alternatives — Research Summaries on Other Registries & Certifications + Groups Developing New Programs
    4. Insurance Providers — Insurance options for Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers (you’re currently on this page)
    5. YA Truth & Reconciliation — Teacher & Trainer Reports About Yoga Alliance



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