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Build a Custom, Branded Curriculum

Beginning December 18, 2017, our Trainer package has been dramatically expanded! Now you have complete freedom to build, edit, brand and distribute a custom 200-hour or 500-hour training curriculum and manual.

We’ve designed a complete training syllabus of superior quality. You mix-and-match the parts you want, edit as desired, and brand it for your own custom offering.

Now you can guarantee that your trainees will have the highest-quality curriculum and you can free up your time for focusing on your specialties and coaching your students.

  • Get a complete training curriculum with manual and support materials for 200-hour and 500-hour trainings. Choose materials by Level I & Level II to customize your curriculum as desired.
  • Choose from hundreds of content topics, presentation materials, quizzes and answer sheets.
  • Select from the highest-quality content in the form of documents (or unbranded PDFs if you prefer). Edit and add your branding as desired.
  • Use the complete curriculum customized to your preferences, or supplement your existing materials.
  • Choose up to 108 items from a list of many hundreds. They are yours for life!
  • Make as many copies of the materials as you need or send electronically to your trainees, who can access them offline.
  • Take a full year to download your materials, plus enjoy access to the online member library, including the Class Builder.

See the Training Curriculum and sample materials below. Write us if you need anything.

Training Curriculum

I. Yoga Philosophy

  • Foundations
  • The Eight-Limbed Path
  • Yamas & Niyamas
  • Kleshas & Kriya Yoga

II. Energy & Subtle Body Anatomy

  • Energy & The Subtle Body
  • Chakras

III. Anatomy & Physiology

  • Studying & Teaching Anatomy for Yoga
  • The Nervous System
  • Respiratory Anatomy
  • Anatomy of the Spine
  • Anatomy of the Core
  • Anatomy of Movement
  • The Anatomy of Flexibility & Stretching
  • The Pelvic Girdle
  • The Shoulder Girdle

IV. Pranayama & The Breath

  • The Breath Foundations
  • Pranayama Foundations
  • Pranayama Techniques

V. Asana: General

  • Asana: General
  • Asana Categories
  • Alignment Principles

VI. Asana: Pose Details

  • Poses
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Yin Yoga

VII. More Hatha Practices

  • Bandhas
  • Drishti
  • Mudras

VIII. The Art & Craft of Teaching

  • Teaching Fundamentals
  • Teaching Going Deeper
  • Students
  • Self-Care

IX. Class Planning & Sequencing

  • Foundation
  • Sequencing
  • Vision & Strategy

X. Meditation

  • Introduction
  • Practice Techniques
  • Going Deeper

XI. Sound & Mantra

  • Introduction
  • Mantras
  • Music

XII. Injuries & Conditions

  • Foundation
  • Low Back Care
  • Chronic Pain
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • More Conditions

XIII. Ayurveda

  • Foundation
  • Applied

XIV. Seasons & Moons

  • Moon Phases
  • Seasonal Yoga
  • Wheel of the Year

XV. The Business of Teaching

  • Marketing
  • Operations

Structured Coverage

Our materials are meticulously structured, helping to bring clarity and depth to the teachings.

When you are teaching a segment on the Art & Craft of Teaching, for example, you can give students a pathway they can follow toward becoming excellent teachers. Our materials may help you to organize your own thinking on the subject and to identify your priorities and content needs. We provide all the necessary background so that you can focus on conveying your teaching priorities  and coaching students.

In this content example, we’ve done the tedious work to tease apart an answer to the question, “What exactly are the skills that contribute to good teaching?” We’ve organized the skills into these categories:

The Fundamentals

  1. Introduction to the Fundamentals
  2. Presence, Humility, Boundaries
  3. Personal Practice & Knowledge of the Teachings
  4. Skillful Teaching
  5. Promoting Student Safety
  6. Studio & Class Logistics

Delving into the Craft

  1. Authenticity & “Yoga-Speak”
  2. Voice & Manner of Speaking
  3. Word Choice
  4. Sacred Space & Ritual
  5. More Strategies

Addressing Student Needs

  1. Beginners
  2. Intermediate / Advanced
  3. Mixed Levels
  4. Seniors
  5. The Teacher-Student Relationship


  1. Passion & Inspiration
  2. Personal Practice & Self-Study
  3. Self-Care & Burnout

Free Training Samples

These pieces come in a customizable version that you can edit and brand as desired. They come with distribution rights to provide to your trainees, and are yours for life.

Art of Teaching: Free Samples

The first of the eighteen topics within the Art & Craft of Teaching is Introduction to the Fundamentals. This is, in essence, an a summary of the fundamental skills that contribute to good yoga teaching.

Forward Bending: Free Samples


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