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Spend your down-time being reminded of your specialness, your gifts, your priorities, and your love of teaching!

Like everyone else, you probably find yourself scrolling through social media or the news, or viewing random content that wasn’t your intention and that distracts you from your priorities.

There are a number of strategies that can help in taking back control over your time and support you in more consciously choosing what you’re feeding your mind.

One tip is to keep a file of items to read, listen and watch when you need a lift, or when you might be tempted to choose random sources.

Here’s something you can add to your file! : ) We’re offering these 2-minute audio messages to help inspire you as a yoga teacher. They’re free. Bookmark this page so you can get quick inspiration during your down-time!

2-Minute Messages

1. The Gift of Personal Practice & Self-Care

See also: Personal Practice & Study + Embracing Suffering


2. Coming Back to Your Breath Throughout Your Day & During Teaching

See also: Teaching Methodology & The Art of Teaching: Presence, Humility, Boundaries


3. Teaching as a Path of Continuous Learning

See also: Facing Imperfection + Feeding Your Passion & Inspiration to Teach


4. Growing Your Knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology

See also: Research & Study Guide: Anatomy & Injuries


5. Incorporating Sound Vibration

See also: Sound, Mantra & Chanting Hub


6. Giving Instructions in the Positive

See also: Teaching Methodology & The Art of Teaching – Word Choice


7. You Are Not Crazy

See also: Why Yoga Works: Yoga’s Impact on the Nervous System & Stress


8. Preparing & Marketing for Teaching Privates

See also: Building Business & Revenue Streams


9. Balance is Individual

See also: Theme: Yoga & Balance

10. What is Yoga?

See also: Philosophy Readings: What is Yoga?


11. Teaching Students HOW to Take Responsibility for Themselves & Their Safety

See also: Promoting Student Safety


12. Tools to Create a State-Change

See also: Planning & Sequencing: Class Elements


13. Quick Ways to Get Inspired to Teach

See also: Feeding Your Passion & Inspiration to Teach


14. Setting a Foundation for Teaching the Yamas & Niyamas

See also: The Yoga Sutra: Context & Introduction


15. Teaching Themes & Philosophy: Distilling a Topic Down to its Essence

See also: Guidelines for Teaching with Themes (and/or Incorporating Philosophy)


16. Teaching Core Anatomy & Core Health

See also: Anatomy of the Core: Fundamental Teachings


17. You Are Not Crazy Part 2

See also: Self-Care & Burnout


18. Offering Increased Challenge for Students Who Are Ready

See also: Teaching Intermediate / Advanced Students


19. An Overlooked Limb?

See also: Pratyahara Teachings

20. Meditation Teaching Points

See also: Meditation: Teaching Considerations


21. Ayurveda & Yoga

See also: Ayurveda & Yoga Introduction


22. Behind-the-Scenes: How We Support Yoga Teachers (The Playlist Project)

See also: About Yoga Teacher Central


23. Behind-the-Scenes: I Bet You Didn’t Know that Microsoft Used to Prohibit Email (!)

See also: About Shelly


24. Whatever You’re Thinking or Feeling, It’s Okay

See also: Theme: Mindfulness


25. Getting Started, Taking a Step Forward

See also: Setting Meaningful Goals


26. Why You Should Teach the Kleshas

See also: Kleshas: Introduction


27. Teaching (Verbalizing) the Effects of Asana Categories or Poses

See also: Teaching Methodology & The Art of Teaching: Word Choice


28. The Power & Insight of Our Words

See also: Svadhyaya and Choosing Your Words Wisely


29. How Teaching Affirmations Affected Me

See also:  Affirmations, Meditation Practices: Visualizations, Chakra Teaching Tools0

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