Research on the Impact of Yoga – General Health, Well-Being & Immunity + Stress Relief, Sleep Quality, Cardiovascular Health

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we summarize research findings related to yoga’s impact on general physical wellness and immunity.


Be prepared to cite research related to yoga’s impact on general physical wellness and immunity.


Cite research related to stress relief, resilience and well-being: 2007 research showing decreased cortisol in people new to yoga, a 2006 randomized controlled trial on physical capabilities and quality of life measures in healthy seniors, 2017 research measuring interoceptive awareness and  stress resilience and more. Cite research related to cardiovascular and general health: a 2014 review of 37 randomized control trials showing effectiveness for cardiovascular health; 2014 research showing improved balance, regulated blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health; and 2015 research showing a reduced need for healthcare services by 43%. Cite research on improved sleeping: 2014 research with women undergoing chemotherapy, a 2015 randomized clinical trial with older adults experiencing sleep issues; and a 2018 randomized control trial on mindfulness. Cite research on immune system effects: a 2013 study showing impacts on the immune system at the molecular level; and 2018 research showing a link between conditions brought about by stress and the body’s immune system. Cite research showing the spines of yoga teachers had significantly less degenerative disc disease than non-practitioners.

See Also

Since inflammation is fundamental to physical health, see Research on the Impact of Yoga – Pain, Inflammation, & Specific Conditions

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