Research on the Impact of Yoga: Immunity & General Health

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Questions Answered Here

Here we cover research related to immunity and general health. For research on the impact of yoga in other areas such as brain function, mental health or with particular conditions such as arthritis, pain or PTSD, please see the Quick Menu above.

  1. What has a study shown regarding yoga’s impact on interoceptive ability? What is the significance of interoceptive awareness regarding stress resilience?
  2. What has research shown in terms of inflammation in those practicing mind-body exercises?
  3. How may deep breathing and meditation help to balance the nervous system? What are possible outcomes?
  4. What were the results of a study measuring executive function and emotional resilience among Kundalini Yoga practitioners?
  5. What is the relationship between stress-related conditions and the immune system?
  6. How is the risk of developing an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or multiple sclerosis related to stress-related disorders such as PTSD, anxiety and depression? What is a related hypothesis regarding yoga?
  7. What does research suggest regarding yoga’s effects on physiology at the molecular level?
  8. What did a study among women who routinely practice yoga show regarding the amounts of the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) in their blood? What is the significance of IL-6?
  9. What were the results from measuring the effects of Ayurvedic practices, including meditation and yoga, regarding well-being as assessed by measures of spirituality, gratitude and self-compassion? What did the study show regarding blood levels of metabolites associated with inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk, and cholesterol regulation?
  10. What did research find regarding yoga’s effect on BMI (Body Mass Index), blood pressure and cholesterol?
  11. What did three studies show regarding yoga’s impact on balance and fear of falling, blood pressure and cardiovascular health?
  12. What were the results from practicing relaxation response techniques, such as meditation and yoga, on the need for health care services?

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