Research on the Impact of Yoga – Mental Health & Trauma

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we summarize research findings related to yoga’s impact on mental health, psychological wellness and PTSD.


Be prepared to cite research related to yoga’s impact on mental health and psychological wellness in general, plus specifically on anxiety, depression, PTSD and more.


Cite research that refers to general psychological well-being: 2013 research on psychological well-being; 2009 research summary showing improvements in stress, depression, anxiety, energy, fatigue and well-being; and a 2019 study on mood improvement in young adults. Cite research on trauma and PTSD: a 2013 randomized control clinical trial with women experiencing treatment-unresponsive PTSD, 2013 Standford research showing breathing and meditation decreased PTSD in veterans; research on the effectiveness of iRest Yoga Nidra with veterans; 2014 research showing decreased PTSD in women who experienced sexual trauma; a 2014 randomized control study with veterans and more. Cite research on depression: 2017 research showing significant reduction in symptoms in people with “major depressive disorder”; a 2020 study showing significant improvements in pain and mood for those with chronic pain and depression, a 2017 study showing descreased rates of depression in male veterans; a 2014 review of 47 clinical trials on mindfulness meditation; 2014 research on bipolar disorder and more. Cite research on anxiety: a 2018 review of studies on teens with anxiety, trauma or stress; a 1995 study with people with diagnosed anxiety disorder; a 2010 study showing yoga reduced anxiety and more.

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