Research on the Impact of Yoga: More

Questions Answered Here

For research on the impact of yoga in the areas of brain function, immunity, mental health or with particular conditions such as arthritis, pain or PTSD, please see the Quick Menu above.

  1. What did researchers when studying how posture affects feelings?
  2. Cite the findings from various studies regarding the effects of Hot Yoga.
  3. What was found from studying “body-inclusive yoga classes?”
  4. Describe the findings from the Forbes article, “How Yoga Might Save the U.S. Trillions of Dollars, And a Lot of Lives.”
  5. What was the effect when sedentary college students practiced 8-weeks of Vinyasa yoga?
  6. What was the finding from three studies regarding yoga and strength-building?
  7. What did arandomized, controlled clinical trial on a group of African Americans with hypertension show from 20 minutes of Transcendental Meditation twice a day?
  8. What did Scientific American report from a study with meditating cancer patients and the affect on their DNA?

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