Common Problems, Problem Cues & Cueing for The Spine / Spinal Alignment, Pelvic Tucking, Rib Shear

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we present cueing considerations for students with various postural conditions.


Become proficient in considerations related to the cues “tuck your tail,” “scoop your tailbone” and “soften your front ribs” plus alternative cue options to meet particular needs.


Describe the typical intention behind the cue “tuck your tail” or “scoop your tailbone” and some potential problems with the cue. Explain the pelvic position that most students are likely to display and why an understanding of rib shear is of importance to yoga teachers. Explain why tucking the pelvis is likely to be an ineffective action for addressing hyperlordosis and provide verbal cues that can help students experience a healthier experience of their natural spinal curves.

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