Problem Cues – Common Problems & Issues Related to Cueing for Standing Poses

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we present a number of cueing considerations for supporting healthy alignment in standing poses.


Be proficient in considerations related to such cues as “place feet parallel,” “square the hips” and “align your kneecap toward the second toe” plus other cue options to meet particular needs.


Describe a problem with the cue, “place feet parallel (in standing poses) and explain what might you do instead. Explain what is meant by the cue, “hip-width apart.” Provide a potential problem with this cue and how you might address it. Explore the types of poses where the cue “square the hips” might be a problem and how to teach those poses instead. Explain how a student’s hip strength is related to the front knee moving in or out. Describe potential problems with the cue, “Align your kneecap toward the second toe” in bent-knee standing poses and provide an alternative cue. Provide alignment cues to consider for standing poses.

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