Yoga of Sound Introduction

Sanskrit & Naming

  • Nada Yoga is described as Yoga of Sound, Yoga of the Inner Sound or Yoga of Sacred Sound.
  • Nada refers to the internal sacred sound, said to arise from the heart. Therefore, most precisely the Sanskrit term, Nada Yoga refers to listening to inner sound.
  • Mantra Yoga, the repetition of sacred sounds, is sometimes listed as a separate branch of yoga (along with Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga etc). Bhakti yogis often practice Mantra Yoga. The practice of chanting mantras may be considered its own branch or as a practice within other branches.
  • The English term “Yoga of Sound” encompasses all forms of “sonic mysticism” including nada and mantra.
  • Saying a mantra out loud is known as chanting.
  • While some sources may propose that any repeated phrase can be called a mantra, most experts distinguish mantras as phrases with known vibrational power. These mantras may come from any tradition, including Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and other faiths and cultures.
  • Here we distinguish between traditionally taught mantras and other practices with these sections:

Classic Mantras

More Mantras


Other Chants

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