Meditation: Teaching Tips & Considerations

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we explore the practical teaching of meditation.


Become knowledgeable in how to apply the philosophy and knowledge of meditation to practical and effective teaching.


Describe how teachers of meditation can support students and provide preparatory practices for consideration. Explain an element of meditation that is crucial to teach and a variety of additional teaching points. Explain why teachers are advised to “not push” students who are caught in resistance and provide the next step for those who wish to advance in practice. Explain the most potent and effective times to meditate according to yoga wisdom.

Questions Answered Here

  1. Describe what it is that teachers of meditation can provide for their students.
  2. What preparatory practices can support meditation?
  3. What element of meditation is crucial to teach?
  4. What gentle reminder can you provide students?
  5. What powerful tool are we learning to cultivate when we choose to sit for meditation?
  6. What aspect of the mind’s nature can meditation help us to observe?
  7. How can meditation be taught as a form of relationship?
  8. Teachers are advised to “not push” students who are caught in resistance. On the other hand, what is the next step for those who wish to advance in practice?
  9. According to yoga wisdom, when are the most potent and effective times to meditate?

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