Theme: Impermanence, Change, Rhythms, Flow, Transformation

Questions Answered Here

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  1. What is the one constant in this life?
  2. Often we can discover the rhythms inherent in change. What can these rhythms teach us?
  3. When we feel resistance to change, what might help?
  4. Share the teaching related to “steps on the transforming journey.”
  5. How does the Hindu Trinity relate to the topics of impermanence, change and transformation?
  6. What is Lord Shiva’s role?
  7. How can asana practice support embodiment of these profound topics?
  8. What other yoga tools teach the practice of staying with what arises and watching as it falls away?

See Also

    • In this section, we share powerful teachings on impermanence, change and transformation, death, rhythms and flow, suffering and surrender.
    • To help you to use this material effectively within the confines of a typical class length, we have created distinctions between these topics so that you can focus on developing a strong and clear message.
    • In reality, of course, they are all intertwined. (Impermanence and death, for example, can be covered in one teaching. Or, if we tease them apart, impermanence can take the discussion toward change and transformation and Shiva. The topic of death can focus on our tendency to deny the naturalness of aging and death, on actual preparation to die and on practices that access the mystery beyond the impermanence of this world.)
    • Draw from the teachings to meet your objectives. See the Quick Menu above and peruse the Contents in each section to guide you.

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