Yoga Teacher Central Authorized Trainers Program


Yoga Teacher Central Authorized Trainer status recognizes trainers who have demonstrated good faith and investment in helping teachers to meet high knowledge standards.

Yoga Teacher Central is the first organization to define and publish a comprehensive set of Minimum Knowledge Standards for yoga teachers, and to provide a methodical and accessible curriculum for meeting the standards, including an extensive library of professionally-derived, multi-lineage curriculums, lessons and assessments.

For decades, the commercialization of “teacher trainings” has turned out a glut of unprepared teachers amidst a lack of industry standards. In contrast, Yoga Teacher Central trainers have been proactive, investing in world-class support that far exceeds expectations to optimally prepare their teachers. Specifically, these trainers have demonstrated a dedication that:

  • Ensures teacher trainees have the very best knowledgebase that they can consult for a lifetime of evolving teaching needs.
  • Gives trainers more time and energy to focus on providing excellent mentoring, individualized support and transmission.

Prospective trainees are advised to beware that despite propaganda to the contrary, Yoga Alliance affiliation is completely unrelated to quality (verifiable details provide here).

While teacher trainees must be dedicated to their own practice and to seeking mentoring in order to become the excellent teachers they wish to be, working with trainers who uphold high knowledge standards is a significant differentiator. Yoga Teacher Central Authorized Trainers are dedicated to supporting extremely thorough knowledge standards so their teachers can be optimally prepared to support the challenging and diverse needs of student populations.

For a list of Authorized Trainers, please see here.

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Marketing Kit Sample

Professional marketing materials are available at no cost for trainer members to promote their status in social media and other marketing. Artwork files come in multiple versions for use in various media and for placement on different colored backgrounds.

Trainers who joined prior to April 20, 2021 were sent the marketing kit via email. Trainer members who join after that date may get the marketing kit at any time from the download library.

Write us with any questions.

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