Darkness (as a Theme)

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Theme Readings Overview

In this curation of readings, we explore teachings on darkness from multiple perspectives.


Be prepared to discuss darkness from multiple perspectives, including the natural cycle, dark-light polarity, the void, the shadow and pain, and negativity or evil.


Name at least five different perspectives from which the topic of darkness may be discussed. Share readings on darkness as a time for rest and preparation for rebirth. Connect darkness to the feminine principle. Discuss trust and stillness as they relate to darkness. Comment on the role of darkness as an initiatory journey. Explore dark and light, and yin and yang, as complementary forces that work together (called polarity) vs opposing forces that create conflict and chaos (called duality). Discuss darkness from a positive perspective of rest, meditation and the backdrop for light. Connect darkness to Spirit, creation, womb, soil, and more. Note how the void has been described by near-death experiencers. Explore ways in which darkness may be referring to subconscious material, also called the shadow. Discuss the idea of turning toward the light after a period of difficulty. When darkness is referring to evil, explore this equating to human unconsciousness or being disconnected from the Light of Spirit.

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