Trainer Guide & Resources – A Guide to Using the Curriculums, Syllabus, Manuals, Workbooks, Lessons, Quizzes, Assessments, Lecture Support, Presentations


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With our support, you can guarantee that your students will have the highest-quality curriculum and knowledgebase. We’ve done the hard work behind the scenes so you’ll have more energy and time to focus on:

  • Guiding exploration and experiential work
  • Sharing your unique areas of specialty, and
  • Mentoring

We offer curriculums and training content of the highest standard and provide it to you in customizable formats. Your trainees will have extensive learning resources that support them during the training and long afterward.

The material here can be a great support for your lectures and in-class time, but they don’t need to dictate your in-class teaching. You have complete freedom to teach from the material, refer to it, or simply provide it as support.

The content is in the form of written lessons that are perfect for manuals and for guiding lectures, plus there are quizzes with answer sheets, and professionally designed PowerPoint presentations. The curriculums include educationally descriptive content that is ideal for use in marketing and in applications for funding, registrations, certifications and so on. You get:

  • Extremely high-quality content that you can edit and brand as your own.
  • The rights to distribute the material to your students.
  • The flexibility to build a manual and curriculum to meet your specific desires.
  • For many years we have been supplying content for full training manuals, but the administration of so much content can be complex. As of April 2020, we began providing the lessons in bundles so you can download an entire training manual (for a 200 hour RYT or any other teacher training or immersion) more easily and efficiently.

Numerous Types of Training & Immersions

Trainer membership includes access to a library of detailed and flexible curriculums and lessons that you can use to build many types of trainings, including:

  1. Foundational Teacher Training (including 200RYT)
  2. Advanced Trainings, Specializations & Immersions (including 300RYT and 500RYT)

All curriculums are flexible and customizable. The Advanced Curriculum can be used as a guide to create immersions in many dozens of subjects. And we’ve created some sample curriculums for you:

  1. Breathing Practices & Pranayama immersion, specialization or emphasis
  2. Yin Yoga immersion, specialization or emphasis
  3. Restorative Yoga and/or Yoga Nidra immersion, specialization or emphasis
  4. Spinal  Health & Spinal Issues immersion, specialization or emphasis
  5. Hip Health & Hip Issues immersion, specialization or emphasis

See below for details on what’s available and how to get what you need. Use the Quick Menu above to navigate to Yoga Alliance requirements and other support.

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