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Answers These Questions

• What regions make up the spinal column? What is the shape of each?

• Name two factors that can affect spinal curves.

• How many vertebrae are in each region? Which are fused?

• Where do we experience the most movement in the spine, and why?

• What is the name given to the cartilage between vertebrae?

• The limited mobility between vertebrae provides stability that serves what related purpose?

• What is the most flexible part of the spine?

• What is meant by the term “primary curve?”

• Describe functions of the spinal curves.

• Describe kyphosis. What are potential causes?

• Describe hyperlordosis.What are potential causes?

• Why is the topic of “compensation” important to understand in regard to habitual movement patterns?

• Lower Crossed Syndrome may cause a presentation of hyperlordosis. What imbalances does this describe? What objectives are set to restore muscular balance?



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