Seasonal Yoga Teaching: Moon Phases Introduction

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Questions Answered Here

  1. Why does the moon shine?
  2. Why does the shape of the moon appear to change?
  3. Why can’t we see the New Moon?
  4. As the moon progresses from a New Moon to the Full Moon what happens visually? And what happens from the Full Moon to the next New Moon?
  5. What is waxing? What is waning?
  6. In the Northern Hemisphere, the part of the moon that is illuminated will appear to grow from which direction? What is the view from the Southern Hemisphere?
  7. What memory cue can you use to enable you to use the shape and direction of the moon to identify if the moon is waxing or waning?
  8. How long does it take the moon to orbit the earth? How long does it take to complete a moon cycle? Why are these different?
  9. What are the 8 phases of the lunar cycle?
  10. When does the moon appear to rise and set during each phase of the moon?
  11. What is a dark or balsamic moon?

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