Seasonal Yoga Teaching: Full Moon

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Questions Answered Here

  1. At what point in the lunar cycle is the Full Moon?
  2. Why is the moon completely illuminated at this time?
  3. Astrologically, how are the sun and moon related during a Full Moon.
  4. What is said about the relationship between the Full Moon and the process of directing prana?
  5. What is said to be the energetic or thematic relationship to the New Moon?
  6. What is a primary theme associated with the Full Moon?
  7. What other conceptual themes might you associate with the Full Moon? Practice themes? Yoga philosophy themes?
  8. What are four examples of asana categories that you might choose to align with Full Moon energy?
  9. Where can you access sequences for a focus on themes associated with the Full Moon?
  10. What pranayama might you choose to align with the energy of a Full Moon?
  11. Describe a meditation practice you might consider.

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