Pranayama & The Breath Hub

Teaching Breath Practices

Get grounded in the fundamentals. Know the cautions. Get specific on how the breath relates to wellness and emotions. Study how breath can be inhibited and characteristics of natural breathing. Go deep into multiple foundational practices that are key to master before attempting formal pranayama. Get clear on clavicular, thoracic and diaphragmatic breathing.

Related Anatomy

Study the physical process of breathing. Review the role of primary respiratory muscles and accessory muscles. Get clear on the nervous system and go deep into the underlying processes of stress and relaxation, and yoga's impact.

Yoga Philosophy

Consider pranayama from the perspective of the 8 limbs, as a yogic technique to manage prana. Study how chakras, nadis and prana vayus relate in yoga's subtle body anatomy.

Teaching Pranayama Techniques

Consider formal pranayama techniques from a big-picture perspective. Then go deep into the practices. Explore the techniques and review clear instructions.


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