Yoga Nidra

Questions Answered Here

  1. Translate the Sanskrit phrase, “yoga nidra.”
  2. What is yoga nidra?
  3. What is iRest and why was it developed?
  4. From what yogic source was yoga nidra derived?
  5. Yoga nidra is associated with which aspects of Patanjali Yoga?
  6. Name five or more benefits of yoga nidra.
  7. Describe research studies documenting the effects of yoga nidra.
  8. Describe some of the theory and intent behind the practice.
  9. What is a sankalpa and why is it used in yoga nidra?
  10. Why does the formulation of a sankalpa follow a particular format?
  11. What are the guidelines for formulating an effective sankalpa?
  12. Provide contraindications, preparation and basic instructions for yoga nidra.
  13. Describe the flow of a yoga nidra script.
  14. Where can you find sample scripts? Audios?

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