Energy & Subtle Body Anatomy: Prana, Subtle Energy, Nadis, How Yoga Affects Energy

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we introduce yoga’s foundational perspective on energy and how it moves and functions.


Have a foundational understanding of energy from scientific, philosophical, and practical viewpoints, and be familiar with the yogic perspective on life force energy (prana), how it moves and functions, and how yoga impacts energy.


Define and describe subtle energy, prana, prana vayus and nadis. Name the three primary nadis and explain how they relate to chakras. Describe the ida nadi, the pingala nadi and the sushumna nadi. and how they are relevant to Hatha Yoga. Explain how Hatha Yoga and prana relate. Describe the primary techniques for working with subtle energy and explain some of the ways in which yoga practices liberate energy.


biofield, energy, energy body, ida nadi, nadi, pingala nadi, prana, subtle, subtle body, subtle energy, sushumna

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