Mantras & Chanting: Practice Guidelines

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Questions Answered Here

  1. What does Dr. David Frawley suggest the practitioner do before starting to chant?
  2. Does he recommend chanting out loud or silently?
  3. What is said to be the effect of chanting fast? Chanting slowly?
  4. What is the recommended minimum time that you practice a mantra before teaching it to others?
  5. Girish teaches that sages have touted “for eons” that mantras be practiced with what two qualities?
  6. What considerations might help you to choose a mantra?
  7. What is the meaning of the word “mala?”
  8. What is a mala and what is it used for?
  9. On a mala, there is one bead that is different from the rest. What is the name, meaning and purpose of that bead?
  10. In what way is a mala traditionally held?
  11. Why is the same mala not traditionally used for all mantras?

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