Yoga & Depression

Questions Answered Here

  1. What is a primary differentiator between sadness and depression?
  2. What is clinical depression?
  3. Depression is not always experienced as sadness. Describe potential symptoms.
  4. Describe how depression is chemically different from anger and anxiety.
  5. From a yogic perspective, depression may be classified as rajasic or tamasic. What are the indicators of each?
  6. Name five yoga tools that may help to ease symptoms of depression.
  7. Describe a general approach to consider.
  8. Describe important cautions related to choosing practices when experiencing depression.
  9. Which breathing practices may be helpful in reducing symptoms of depression?
  10. What is an example of an effect of sound techniques that might be helpful?
  11. Describe a practice related to managing thoughts that is likely to be a difficult but important aspect of obtaining relief?
  12. What technique associated with asana practice may help?
  13. What are some examples of asana that may help to relieve symptoms?

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