Yoga, Addiction & Recovery

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we lay the foundation for exploring the topics of addiction and recovery, and how yoga can play a supportive role.


Gain a foundational understanding of the characteristics of addiction and considerations from a yogic perspective.


Define addiction in a nutshell and provide other expert definitions. Aside from the most obvious substances of drugs and alcohol, disclose the other items that make up the “Big 6 Addictions” according to expert Tommy Rosen. Expound on the thesis that addiction is the greatest social problem of our time. Note the prevalence of alcohol use disorder and drug use disorder. Describe a common stereotype about addiction and contrast this with the Eastern perspective of addiction. Detail what each of us can do to begin to soften the stigma around addiction. Experts consistently agree that yoga is not a cure for addiction, but rather is a tool in the recovery toolbox. Provide information that supports this statement. Recount three general ways in which yoga can help with addiction recovery, and also provide three specific ways. Specify how spiritual well-being may relate to addiction recovery, and other considerations that may be key to successful recovery.

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