Emotions & Feelings Introduction (for Yoga Teachers)

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we introduce and define emotions and their significance.


Be familiar with multiple perspectives on how to define emotions and feelings, common issues around emotions, and the significance and practicality of being more skilled at working with emotional energy.


Explain what may arguably be the most important understanding about emotions. Discuss the interchangeability of the words “feeling” and “emotion” but, when they are differentiated, a helpful way to do so. Describe the actual phenomenon that people are referring to when they use the word “feeling” or “emotion.” Describe what it is that people will tend to be describing when asked, “what are you feeling?” Discuss the profoundly significant contributions of Candace Pert, PhD to the scientific understanding of the mindbody connection and the biochemistry of emotions. Define emotion in multiple ways, noting the key takeaways from each, and provide a brief summary of qualities. Provide eight examples of how humanity is arguably confused by, distanced from, and immature in our understanding of emotion, and the benefits of becoming more skilled.

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