Pregnancy & Prenatal Yoga Introduction + Downloadable Cheat Sheet — for Health & Wellness Coaches, Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Holistic Healthcare Providers

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we offer preparatory considerations for welcoming and accommodating a pregnant student in a drop-in class, and when it’s advisable to refer out.


Know the criteria for determining when it’s appropriate to accommodate a pregnant student in a general class and when it’s advisable to refer to a Prenatal Yoga Class.


Be prepared to welcome pregnant students and plan to accommodate their needs in general drop-in classes. Understand why students should also be aware of Prenatal Yoga Classes and when it’s advisable to refer out. Be aware of the key physiological changes in pregnancy that can lead to joint instability and light-headedness. Give an example of language that might be alienating to a pregnant student, and an alternative way of communicating the teaching.

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