Injuries & Conditions: Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Issues

Questions Answered Here

  1. What anatomy topics will help to increase your knowledge about issues your students may be experiencing related to the neck, shoulders and/or upper back?
  2. How prevalent is shoulder pain?
  3. Why are athletes more prone to experiencing shoulder issues?
  4. What are some potential causes for neck, shoulder or upper back pain?
  5. Name four related issues that contribute to neck, shoulder and upper back pain.
  6. A common postural misalignment leading to neck and upper back pain is the head protruding in front of the shoulders. What cascading effects are likely as a result of a forward head?
  7. Rounding in the upper back and shoulders is a common cause of upper back pain. What effect does the rounding have on the shoulder blades and surrounding muscles?
  8. What is the clinical definition of kyphosis?
  9. What effect does a constant forward-head position have on the serratus anterior muscles?
  10. Where might we feel tension or pain that is actually referred pain from a weak serratus anterior?
  11. What is often indicated by winging scapula?
  12. What is frozen shoulder syndrome?
  13. Why is diagnosis of frozen shoulder important before choosing practices?
  14. What is the difference between a rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder?
  15. What are some common types of rotator cuff injury?

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