Injuries & Conditions: Knees

Questions Answered Here

  • What three bones make up the knees?
  • Describe some symptoms associated with knee conditions.
  • Name potential causes for knee pain.
  • What visible signs can indicate an imbalanced pull of muscles on the kneecap?
  • What hip issues can be related to knee conditions?
  • Describe other potential reasons for knee pain.
  • What is the name for a condition caused when the cartilage of the knee degenerates and gradually wears away?
  • What yoga techniques might you consider during active knee pain and swelling?
  • Describe basic engagement and alignment considerations for knee conditions.
  • Which muscles tend to need strengthening and stretching to help with knee issues?
  • What characterizes knee joint hyperextension? Why is it a concern? How can you address it?
  • How can you address knock knees?
  • Why are bow legs a concern?
  • What alignment adaptations might you consider for students having trouble aligning their knee in bent leg standing poses?
  • What poses and adaptations might you consider with knee conditions?
  • For students with knee replacements, what practice priorities are recommended?

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