Body Positivity, Acceptance, Larger Bodies, Body Dysmorphia

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It’s incredible how transformative it can be to be in a space where it’s not only okay, but welcome, that you just live and be happy in the body you have today. – Anna Guest-Jelley, Curvy Yoga newsletter Nov 3, 2015

  1. Describe philosophies and actions that you can take to support students having a body-positive experience.
  2. In what way can trauma-sensitive teaching provide effective tools and strategies for supporting body acceptance?
  3. How can teachers be authentic models of body positivity?
  4. In what way is yoga particularly apt for inspiring body positivity?
  5. How does yoga foster a sense of belonging?
  6. What are some considerations related to attention and touch with students who have larger bodies?
  7. Describe the value and applicability of students learning to discern physical cues.
  8. What is body dysmorphia? Name some characteristic beliefs and behaviors.

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