Yoga for Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Care: Asana

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  1. What poses are generally not recommended for students with neck or shoulder issues or excessive rounding in the upper back?
  2. What factors increase the likelihood of a student to use poor form in repetitive vinyasa, thereby putting their shoulders at risk?
  3. What practices may help to release associated tension?
  4. In what ways might you assist students in increasing their awareness relevant to upper back, shoulder and neck care?
  5. Give examples of types of asana that may help to correct some common physical imbalances related to upper back and shoulder issues.
  6. Describe the vital importance of employing a mindful, safe progression of shoulder strengthening. What is a first step for a student before progressing? What further practices can help to to strengthen the shoulder girdle without engaging in risky weight-bearing asana?
  7. What sequences can support your class planning for neck, shoulder and upper back care?

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