Yoga & Arthritis of the Wrists & Hands

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Questions Answered Here

  1. With arthritis of the wrists and hands, what are the most commonly affected joints?
  2. What factors are associated with an increased risk of arthritis?
  3. How can yoga serve as proactive /preventative care?
  4. If there is wrist pain and soreness, what is advisable?
  5. When pain has subsided, what general approach might be considered?
  6. There are many poses that require wrist extension while few that require flexion. How can you address this?
  7. Describe a readiness test that may be used before practicing poses requiring 90 degrees of wrist extension.
  8. Name poses that put a lot of pressure on wrists.
  9. List guidelines to consider for weight-bearing alignment of hands.
  10. Where can you find stretches for improving ROM in wrists? Pose variations & alternatives for wrist issues?
  11. How can propping support wrist issues?
  12. What is an additional benefit of using fists?
  13. What is proper alignment when using fists instead of palms for weight-bearing?
  14. What are some additional options and considerations for accommodating wrist issues?

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