Ayurveda, Yoga & The Five Elements / Forces of Nature – Introduction

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we introduce the philosophical foundations of Ayurveda, including the five elements, and Ayurveda’s relationship to yoga.


Be familiar with the foundations and intentions of Ayurveda including the five elements / forces of nature, and how Ayurveda relates to yoga.


Provide the original source and definition of Ayurveda. Explain how the goals of Ayurveda and yoga are related and describe more about the link between Ayurveda and yoga. Describe Ayurveda philosophy and practice in a nutshell. Explain how the doshas are experienced when they’re in optimal balance. Describe how the five elements / forces of nature are related to Ayurveda. Discuss each element, giving its Sanskrit name and examples of each in nature and in the human body. Provide examples of how to use knowledge of the elements in daily life, intention setting, and practice. Provide specific ways in which knowledge of Ayurveda can support yoga teachers.


aether / ether, “agni,” air element, “akash / akasha,” ayurveda, earth element, fire element, five elements / forces of nature, “jal / jala,” “panchamahabhutas,” “privthi,” “vayu,” water element

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