Asana Adjustments & Assists – Adjusting & Assisting Guidelines

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we lay the foundation for making wise decisions regarding assistance to an individual student (in contrast to the whole class).


Establish a foundation for decision-making and proficient techniques for assisting an individual student, whether verbally, energetically or physically.


Define assisting and adjusting and reasons a teacher may choose to assist or adjust a student. Give examples of inappropriate reasons to adjust a student and describe students for whom adjusting is unlikely to be safe or appropriate. Explain the types of knowledge and experience a teacher must have to be properly prepared to safely adjust a student and considerations made in the moment to evaluate whether an assist is called for. Explain considerations for giving one-on-one verbal instruction and how an adjustment may affect a student’s energy. When offering a physical adjustment, describe how to move into a student’s space, describe physical safety considerations when giving adjustments and explain the focus when adjusting a very flexible student.

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