Asana Category – Meditation Seats

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we examine meditation seats as a category, and ways to apply this knowledge in teaching.


Be proficient in foundational teachings for meditation seats, including how to help students achieve spinal and pelvic neutrality.


Describe priorities for choosing and setting up a well-aligned meditation seat. Discuss reasons behind being comfortable and having an aligned spine in meditation seats. Provide a number of reasons that many new students slump while practicing seated postures. Describe the muscular flexibility and strength required to sit erect in a comfortable, unsupported seat. Provide a number of options for finding a meditation seat that maintains the natural curves of the spine. You may find that students (especially beginners, who need props the most) avoid propping while in a seat. Explain ways to encourage students to choose propping or a variation that allows for good spinal alignment. Name components of the inner body that help to provide the stability and flexibility needed to sit comfortably erect. Describe a number of teachings and techniques to help students find pelvic and spinal neutrality in a meditation seat. Discuss sequencing considerations related to meditation seats.


meditation seats, baddha padmasana, padmasana, siddhasana, sukhasana, swastikasana, vajrasana, virasana

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