Personal Practice and Study + Embracing Suffering

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Questions Answered Here

Here we offer deeper inspiration related to your personal practice and study. For an introduction to this vital topic, see our coverage in Teaching Methodology & The Art of Teaching Fundamentals here. For inspiration related to teaching as differentiated from personal practice, see here.

    1. In what specific ways does personal practice help you to take care of yourself?
    2. What are some reasons that personal practice is vital for good teaching?
    3. Describe how the myth of perfection may show up and why, instead, personal challenges can be welcomed and useful.
    4. Why is it critical that yoga teachers investigate our “wounds?”
    5. How can you experience improvement and “breakthroughs” both personally and professionally?
    6. What are some common reasons for a home practice to fail?
    7. How can you overcome the obstacles to practice?

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