How Immunity Works – The Terrain Theory of Health & Disease vs The Germ Theory — for Health & Wellness Coaches, Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Holistic Healthcare Providers

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Readings Overview

In this curation of readings, we explore the terrain theory of health and disease in contrast to the germ theory.


Understand how the terrain theory of health and disease explains why some people get sick while others, when exposed to the same pathogens, do not.


Describe the terrain theory of health and disease. Discus the two 19th-century researchers who promoted the germ and terrain theories, and the evolution of the theories. Compare and contrast the theories. Discuss how immunity is built through exposure to pathogens. Discuss Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research and teachings on the role of stress in the manifestation of disease, including the placebo and nocebo effects.  Explain the use and relevance of stress hormones used in organ transplants.

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