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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we introduce terminology and practical facts related to DNA, genetics and epigenetics.


Describe in detail research that disproves biological determinism, and be familiar with foundational terminology and practical science around DNA, human genetics, and epigenetics.


Define and describe DNA, genes, and RNA. Explain how genetics compare among individuals and among species. Give the percentage of DNA involved in protein-creation and the percentage involved in other functions. Explain how it is that diseases may seem to “run in the family” but are not due to genetic inheritance. Describe the genetic determinism theory that reigned in Western medicine, and discuss the research that disproved it. Define and describe epigenetics and its history.


biological (or genetic) determinism, chromosomes, DNA, epigenetics, genes, “junk DNA” / “biology’s dark matter” / non-coding DNA, molecule, nucleic acid, RNA, telomeres

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