Anatomy & Physiology Hub

Introductory & General Resources

See how the vast Anatomy & Physiology section is organized so you can focus in on what you need. Consider the bigger picture by reviewing Studying & Teaching Tips for Anatomy.

Nervous System & Stress

Immerse in this vital system that is fundamental to why yoga works.

Respiration / Breathing

Get grounded in the reality of our most basic physiological process: breathing. Review the anatomical process of breathing and get jazzed about the diaphragm and abdominals.

Musculoskeletal System & Movement

Get a clear refresher on terminology and go deep into this vital and fascinating topic.

The Spine, Back Muscles & Posture

Review the fundamentals and dig into the details on this most fascinating of topics that is fundamentally important for a healthy life and healthy yoga practice.

The Core

This is a hot topic but it's not always presented clearly. Here you can go deep in an organized way. We're especially thorough on including application information so you can keep your teaching practical.

The Pelvis, Hips, Pelvic Floor

Here we support you in teaching students about this vital part of their anatomy that affects their posture and safe pose alignment, and is directly related to low back issues.

Knees, Lower Legs & Feet

Flexibility & Stretching

The Psoas


The Brain

Bodily Systems

Some of these subjects are also accessible from the categories above but are included here as a way to quickly view the various physiological systems.


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