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Answers These Questions

• Describe general asana practice tips for those who have experienced low back pain.

• What are some poses that may be found in a low back care program?

• When avoiding seated forward bends, what are some alternative poses for consideration?

• What are some benefits of core strengthening?

• What are some poses and exercises that may be options for developing core strength?

• Describe the practice of Pelvic Tilts.

• What are the physical effects of Supta Padangusthasana? Describe practice tips for this pose.

• Describe a variation of Bridge Pose designed to strengthen glutes. Describe a variation intended to relax and stretch and/or to counter abdominal strengthening.

• What is a desirable physical effect of Anjaneyasana? What compensation should you watch out for in this pose?

• Describe practice tips for Chair Yoga.



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