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Answers These Questions

• Name five reasons why yoga is recommended for addressing many cases of low back pain.

• What has research by Boston Medical Center shown about the effectiveness of gentle asana in the treatment of chronic low back pain?

• Describe general cautions related to using asana to address low back pain.

• What asana alternatives are safer than seated forward bends in the case of low back pain?

• What litmus test can be used to determine when seated forward bends are safe?

• Describe safe forward bending alignment in terms of pelvic tilt.

• Describe practice considerations (such as strengthening back muscles) for using yoga to address low back pain.

• What muscles are involved in balancing the relationship between the pelvis and low back?

• Describe some reasons why the fundamental aspects of yoga practice – breath and awareness – are key aspects of yoga for low back care.

• While abdominal strength is important in low back care, how can exercises such as sit-ups lead to low back pain and how can this be avoided?



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