• Safe and effective practices that serve as preparation for formal pranayama

• Basic breath training, breath awareness and other gentle practices

• Yogic breathing techniques including conscious exhalation

Questions Answered

• Describe three breath training basics will prepare students for formal pranayama.

• Why is a self "check-in" at the beginning of practice valuable?

• What types of postures are effective for teaching breath awareness?

• Describe five techniques for teaching breath awareness.

• What is meant by the term Belly Breathing?

• How is Belly Breathing related to the Three-Part Breath?

• What are two different ways that the Three-Part Breath are taught?

• Aside from breath awareness practices, what other gentle practices are safe considerations for most students?

• How does awareness of the breath affect the resting breath rate?

• What is the practice and objective for initial breathwork with new students?

• What is clavicular breathing? Thoracic breathing? Diaphragmatic breathing?

• What is yogic breathing?

• What are the benefits of a conscious exhalation?

• What is the technique for consciously exhaling in yogic breathing?

• How is the more advanced technique of diaphragmatic rib cage breathing different from ineffective chest breathing? Why might the two be confused?




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