• Structure and movements of the spine

• Joints of the spine

• Spinal curves

• Function

• Potential student issues

• Pelvic tilt

• Teaching considerations

Questions Answered

• What regions make up the spinal column and what is the shape of each curve?

• How many vertebrae are in each region? Which are fused?

• Where do we experience the most movement in the spine, and why?

• How can a student use Savasana to identify her spinal curves?

• What is meant by the term "primary curves?"

• What is the function of the spinal cord?

• What are the attributes of a healthy spine?

• What is the purpose of the spinal curves?

• What is kyphosis and hyperlordosis? What are potential causes of each?

• What is the difference between structural scoliosis and functional scoliosis?

• What is a primary objective of asana as it relates to spinal curves?

• What is compensation as it relates to spinal curves and why is it important?

• What are two different reasons that a student may present with hyperlordosis, and which cues might be effective for each?

• What might you watch out for in terms of spinal alignment in forward bends, in backbends, and in twists?



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