• Physiological movement

• Musculoskeletal system

• Anatomy of movement terminology

• Joint movements

• Spinal movements

• Muscle movement

Questions Answered

• What is included in the musculoskeletal system and what does it do?

• What is a bone?

• What is a joint?

• How does knowing the characteristics of joints apply to teaching asana safely?

• How can "muscle" be defined? What is its function?

• Why might a muscle cramp and what might help?

• What is connective tissue?

• What is a ligament? A tendon? Fascia?

• What is meant by the term "myofascia?"

• How does the "myofascial meridian theory" differ from the traditional anatomy model?

• How do muscles create movement?

• What is a muscle contraction?

• What are three types of muscle contraction and an example for each?

• What is meant by origin and insertion points?

• Describe how muscles relate in movement.

• What is reciprocal inhibition?

• What is meant by the agonist? The antagonist? Give an example.

• How can you use the agonist/antagonist relationship when planning a sequence?

• What is Range of Motion (ROM) and how is it relevant to asana?

• How are joints affected by over-stretching?

• How are joints affected when ROM has diminished?

• What is a reason for joints being particularly vulnerable to injury?

• Describe possible joint movements and give examples of each.

• What are the established normal ROM for each joint movement?

• What are the six directions of spinal movement and an asana example for each?

• What additional types of movement are we concerned with in Yoga?

• Why is it inaccurate to use the terms spinal extension and backbending interchangeably?

• What does spinal (or axial) extension typically mean in yoga?

• How is the term "extension" being used differently in this case from its typical use in anatomy?

• What is meant by the terms "full" and "mild" inversions and what are examples of each?

• What does flexion mean? Extension? Adduction? Abduction?

• What is internal rotation? External rotation?

• What is meant by lateral? Medial? Anterior? Posterior? Distal? Proximal? Superior? Inferior?

• For what purpose related to asana has Andrey Lappa described movement differently?

• What are the three planes of motion called? What type of movement happens in each?



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