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Worthiness / Inner Divinity

    1. I am worthy, because I am alive.
    2. I’m here and I’m real.
    3. I approve of myself.
    4. I am proud of myself.
    5. I am my favorite person.
    6. I am whole, complete, and perfect just as I am, right where I’m at.
    7. I love me.
    8. I am unique and special and today, I choose to believe in myself.
    9. I choose to be on my own side.
    10. I love my body and trust its wisdom.
    11. I radiate light and grace.
    12. I give myself permission to shine.
    13. My needs are worthy of being met.
    14. I honor my body.
    15. I honor myself by choosing healthy relationships.
    16. I am worthy of healthy food.
    17. I acknowledge my self-worth.
    18. It’s okay for me to ask for what I want
    19. My confidence is growing.
    20. I am worthy of happiness and today, I choose what makes me happy.
    21. My potential is infinite.
    22. Divinity resides within.
    23. My nature is Divinity.
    24. I am a spiritual being.
    25. I am part of the One.
    26. Life supports me as I choose myself.
    27. I love myself; therefore I behave in a loving way to all people for I know that which I give out returns to me multiplied.
    28. There is only One.

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