Quantum Physics Terminology, Ether / Aether, Intro to the Nature of Reality & Science of Oneness

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we make scientific concepts related to Quantum Physics and the Nature of Reality accessible and practical.


Be familiar with physics terminology that relates to the practical application of modern science and yoga philosophy for the purpose of consciousness ascension, paying special attention to the aether.


Define the following scientific terms: aether / ether, nonlocality and entanglement, quantum physics, the unified theory of physics, biocentrism, fractals, holographic universe and noetic sciences. Discuss aether in a way that expounds on this statement: Of all the concepts and terminology related to  consciousness and the nature of reality, aether may be the most important in helping to reorient thinking from an outdated worldview to one that is more aligned with the true nature of reality.


biocentrism, cold electricity, dark energy, dark matter, energy from the vacuum, entanglement, ether / aether, etheric energy, the field, fractal, higgs field, holographic, holographic universe, noetic sciences, nonlocality, odic force, orgone, physics, plasma, quanta, quantum, quantum field, quantum mechanics (QM), quantum physics, quantum theory, quantum vacuum, quintessence, radiant energy, scalar energy, spacetime, subatomic, subatomic phenomena, tachyon energy, unified field theory (UFT), unified theory of physics, zero point energy, zero point field

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