Consciousness Expansion, Awakening Experiences, Altered States of Consciousness, Raising Your Vibration or Frequency, Ascension

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we define and describe “consciousness expansion,” “raising your frequency” and “awakening experiences.”


Become familiar with the foundational concepts related to consciousness expansion including the relationship between frequency, brain wave states, levels of consciousness and “awakening experiences.”


Explain what it means to evolve or expand our consciousness, and provide a teaching metaphor to assist in the explanation. Define the phrase “raise your vibration (or frequency)” and explain its relationship to the expansion of consciousness. Provide practices that may raise your frequency. Describe the terms “cosmic consciousness” and “collective consciousness.” Provide signs that may indicate an expansion of consciousness. Define and discuss awakening and ascension.


altered state, ascension, awakening experience, collective consciousness, consciousness expansion, cosmic consciousness, exoconsciousness, non-ordinary state of consciousness, normal waking consciousness / rational consciousness, raising vibration (or frequency), spiritual awakening, spiritual or mystical experiences, transpersonal psychology

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